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SPN Fic: Let's Misbehave, Dean/Castiel (NC-17)
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Let's Misbehave
Same alternate universe as Zombie Apocalypse, What Zombie Apocalypse? No substance. Just porn.
Cas likes to take classes in the morning. Dean likes to be awake when he returns.

This fic is for one of my favorite people, olivelavonne, because she is awesome and deserves nice things like hot porn. ♥ And because she texted me about this 'verse during a weak moment. Hope you like the final result!

Many thanks to ginnith.

Dean's lounging on his bed in boxers and a t-shirt when Cas gets back from his morning class, mouth quirking to the side in amusement and, Dean thinks, maybe fondness when he sees Dean lying there. "Hey, Cas," Dean says, propping himself up on his elbows. He’s been waiting for Cas to get back since he woke up.

"Good morning, Dean," Cas answers, closing the door to their room behind him.

He's wearing khakis today. Khakis and a white Oxford under a blue sweater vest. Sure, the sweater vest does amazing things to his eyes, but Cas still looks like a scrawny, pocket-protector wearing dork. Dean knows he's not. Not at all. Underneath those layers, Dean knows Cas is lithe and slim, not scrawny. And Cas may be a dork, but he's also pretty cool and he puts up with Dean—even if he sighs a lot—and he gives fucking fantastic head.

"C'mere," Dean says, gesturing Cas over with a tip of his head.

One of Cas' eyebrows joins his quirking mouth. "Come here," he repeats. "Hmmm." But he drops his bag next to his desk and crosses the floor. (Dean's been trying to keep things a little bit cleaner, ever since he tripped over...something...trying to get to Cas' naked skin.)

Dean watches him come closer, eyes following as Cas reaches the side of his bed and places a knee on the mattress. The next thing Dean knows, Cas is lifting his other leg over Dean's and Cas' knees are on either side of Dean's hips, his ass against Dean's thighs.

"Was this where you meant, Dean?" Cas' eyes are stupidly blue in the morning light coming through the window. Stupidly blue and wide in that innocent way Cas jokingly pulls on him now. At least, Dean thinks it's jokingly. Part of the time, anyway.

Like now. He knows Cas is joking because a) Cas isn't that stupid and b) Cas' hands are on his chest, fingers brushing against his nipples. Dean feels them tighten.

"Mmm," Dean hums. "Not exactly where I was thinking, but pretty close." And then he's balancing his weight on one hand to lean up farther, reaching for Cas with the other to pull him down, leaving chaste pecks of kisses on Cas' lips once, twice, three times before licking into Cas' mouth, running tongue over lips and teeth.

Cas' fingers press harder against Dean's skin through his shirt and Cas moans, kissing Dean back for all he's worth. Cas likes to kiss, Dean's found. He likes to kiss a lot. Dean is okay with this.

Dean pushes back at Cas, urging him away so he can sit up before returning to Cas' mouth. Cas sucks on his bottom lip, nips at it and soothes it with his tongue. Maneuvers Dean where he wants him with both hands on Dean's face, fingers slipping into the hair behind Dean's ears.

Dean wraps his arms around Cas' middle, pulls him tight against him until he can feel Cas' cock hard against his stomach, Cas' ass against his own cock. Sliding his hand down Cas' back, Dean works his hand under the sweater vest to the shirt beneath, starts tugging it from the waistband of Cas' pants, pausing only to palm Cas' ass, to squeeze it and press fingers along the seam that falls along his crack, pressing in to rub against Cas through the layers.

Cas grinds against him in response, groaning and pulling away to pant against Dean's mouth. Dean takes that as his cue to pull Cas' thigh forward with his other hand, hitching him closer.

"Dean," Cas breathes, eyes dark, mouth plump.

Dean grins and licks at Cas' jaw, mouths at his Adam's apple. "What?"

"Fuck me."

He squeezes Cas' ass again. "I think that can be arranged."


Cas pulls at him by his hair, tipping his head back to kiss him again, slick and messy, before letting Dean go to sit back on his heels. He’s working his shirts up his torso when Dean pauses him, hand on his side, thumb brushing his ribs.

“Wait,” he says, and Cas tilts his head at him, curious. Dean pulls Cas’ arm toward him, flicks the buttons on his cuff undone, repeats the same on the other. Cas tends to forget. It’s something that sticks in Dean’s mind now, though, and as much fun as it is to watch Cas flail hopelessly with his clothing, frown forming between his brows, the road to full frontal is much faster this way.

Cas smiles at him and pulls both shirts up and over his head, hair ending up even more of a mess than usual. “Thanks,” he says, tossing them on the floor.

“Oh, no problem. Gotta give a guy a hand now and then, right?” Dean says, thumbing one of Cas’ nipples.

Shuddering against him, Cas moves his hips in a slow circle. Dean swallows a gasp. “Of course,” Cas says. “Your motives are purely altruistic.”

Dean doesn’t bother answering that, his mouth too busy on Cas’ as Cas’ fingers pull at Dean’s shirt until Dean lifts his arms over his head, pulling back far enough for Cas to liberate him. The shirt follows Cas’ to the floor.

“How do you wanna do this?” Dean asks.

“Like this.” Cas pushes Dean back against his covers, unbuttoning his khakis and lowering the zipper before swinging his leg back over Dean to stand. He toes off his shoes and hooks his thumbs beneath the waistband of his underwear, pulling them down with his pants. Socks gone, too; Dean’s always impressed with how quickly Cas can make clothing disappear.

Cas straightens and Dean takes the opportunity to enjoy the view; the smooth line of Cas’ shoulders, the planes of his chest, the jut of his hip bones perfect for Dean’s hands. His cock, hard and wet at the tip.

Dean licks his lips. Maybe later Cas will let Dean blow him.

“Dean,” Cas says, and Dean looks up from where Cas has wrapped a hand around the base of his cock. “Get rid of the boxers.”

It’s a voice Dean can’t refuse, not anymore. Not if it means orgasms in his future. He lifts his hips and slides his boxers off, kicking them away from the bed. They barely miss Cas where he’s getting a bottle of lube from the corner of Dean’s desk.

Dean smirks and settles back against the bed.

Cas moves, lingering over him on his knees, hand tight and too brief around Dean’s cock before he pops open the lube and pours some on his fingers. “Hold this,” he says, and Dean obeys, taking it from him and watching in something close to awe as Cas reaches behind himself.

One of these days they’re going to do this so Dean can watch Cas finger himself open.

Instead, Dean gets lube on his own fingers, reaching out to stroke Cas with them. Cas’ eyes close in pleasure and concentration, but they pop open when Dean slides his hand around Cas’ back to meet Cas’ fingers where they’re stretching his ass.

Dean works a finger in beside Cas’, follows it with another as Cas rocks back against them, feels how tight and hot Cas is and wants nothing more than to bury himself there. Twisting his fingers, Dean watches Cas bite his lip, his lashes fluttering as he moves his hand away to wrap around his cock.

“Now, Dean,” he says, eyes just this edge of wild.

Dean removes his fingers from Cas’ ass, grabbing a condom on his nightstand and ripping the foil open with his teeth. Rolling it down his dick, Dean shudders at the sensation and gives himself a squeeze before moving to pour lube across the head. Cas stops him, though, taking the bottle from him and getting some in the palm of his hand, slicking Dean up himself with his fucking perfect grip.

And then Cas is shuffling forward on his knees, lifting up and holding Dean’s cock steady as he lowers himself on it. He pauses once, just as the head slips in, bottom lip caught between his teeth, and it’s all Dean can do not to thrust upward. His patience is rewarded a moment later—it always is—as Cas relaxes around him and takes him all the way in, Dean’s balls pressing against Cas’ ass.

Everything becomes blurred after that, a series of sensations, of sights and sounds. Cas’ ass gripping him tight as Cas moves above him, Dean rocking his hips below. The length of Cas’ throat when his head falls back, mouth an open O of pleasure as he rises and falls. Cas’ cock velvety-smooth and rock-hard in Dean’s hand, his fingers twining with Dean’s when he joins him there.

Cas’ eyes dark and hot and burning when he opens them and comes across Dean’s chest with a rough-throated yell and Dean’s name on his lips, his skin practically glowing.

He removes their hands from his cock, bringing them up to his mouth, and Dean watches slack-jawed and breathless as Cas’ pink tongue darts out, licking at their fingers and the come that’s landed there.

Dean thrusts into him, feels Cas’ weight against him and the way his muscles clench around him, and tumbles over the edge with a groan.

It’s his fingers in Cas’ mouth that bring him back from his post-orgasmic haze. He blinks up at Cas, who looks innocently back down at him, head tilted to the side. That look would almost work, if it weren’t for the fact that Cas is naked and, oh yeah, Dean’s cock is still in his ass.

He should do something about that. Pull out and get rid of the condom. But he doesn’t want to move. Dean wants nothing more than to roll Cas over and stay in bed all day. In fact…

“Do you have class later?”

Cas nips the pad of his index finger. “Yes.”

Dean runs his free hand up Cas’ thigh, stopping when he can press his fingers against the curve of Cas’ hip, tuck his thumb against the base of Cas’ dick. “Skip it.”

“You are a very bad influence, Dean Winchester,” Cas says. His voice is serious, almost stern, but he’s smiling.

Dean shrugs and grins. He can’t argue with that.

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I freaking love the final result! You are a porn goddess.

I kind of love this universe and really like the idea of setting it at SU. Especially now that you've given Father C. a reason to have a very uncomfortable talk about respecting your neighbors right to a quiet living environment.

Is it weird that I think Father C. would love having that conversation with Dean and Cas?

Edited at 2010-03-02 09:11 am (UTC)

YEA!! <3

Especially now that you've given Father C. a reason to have a very uncomfortable talk about respecting your neighbors right to a quiet living environment.

OMG, the awkward! I can just see Cas being horribly embarrassed that one of the priests had to mention something to them. Except Fr. C. would be understanding and amused about it, so it would be okay. Dean would just smirk and be self-satisfied.

Not weird. I could see it.

Oh my god, olivelavonne is so right. You ARE a porn goddess!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

Having people around who go, "You know what would be great...?" helps a lot.


You know, I highly aprove of this AU. Oh boys, why are they so gorgeous??

I'm so glad you like it! The AU is giving me all sorts of crazy ideas.

I seriously love this AU. Great characterization, and absolutely smokin' hot. UNF *fans self*

Oh, yea! I'm so glad the characterization worked for you. Especially since it's an AU.

This was awesome!
So hot and sort of cozy and I loved it

I like them when they're comfortable and happy. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

You are going to be the death of me, but it's going to be a nice death.This was awesomely hot and just....wow!

I feel like doing victory arms would be inappropriate here, what with the death and all. ::shrug:: Oh well. \o/ At least it will be a nice death.

I'm thrilled you liked it!

Oh my god, college roommates universe FOR THE WIN. This is insanely hot.

One day I might actually have to flesh it out, but for now I'm happy just letting them get naked together. ;)

I'm so glad you liked it! :D

You write the best smut ever! And yeah, I figured after the first time, Dean would hold on to a good thing when he finds it.


Dean may be kind of slow sometimes, but one would hope they guy knows how to keep a good thing around. And Cas is a very good thing.




Hee! :D

I enjoy it so much, I can't imagine stopping. A break, occasionally, for something different perhaps, but not stopping.

I'm SO GLAD you like it!

Too. sated. to. talk....



Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it! :D

Wow. I would say something more eloquent than that, but my brain melted with the hotness. :D Love this... do you call it a verse if it only has two fics? Hmm. Anyways, I love it. :P

I think it's a 'verse as long as there's any fic for it.

I'm so glad you liked it! :D

I find Castiel so fascinating in non-paranormal AUs. He makes for such a bizarre human that it takes great skill for an author to makes the portrayal both realistic and recognizably in character. I know this is only pwp but I think you mostly achieved it. I would love to see more of this universe and find out all about Cas's back-story in it.

Cas' backstory here is something I've definitely been giving thought to, as well as Dean's. I've got ideas. And I've certainly got a pretty clear picture of this Cas in my own head. Whether or not I can trasnlate it should I ever flesh the universe out is another matter. :) And I am toying around with that, so we shall see.

*g* uve done it again ! ur PWPs (or ZAWZAs) writing skills are amazing !

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! :D

YOU ARE AMAZING, BB. <333333333333333

Yay! I'm so glad there's more!

I looooved it!

Yea! I'm so glad you liked it! :D

I love this AU. Yay for college boys!

I'm so glad you like it! They've quite grown on me in a very small space of time.


Can I take a moment to applaud you for the wardrobe you gave Castiel? Geekly dressed boys are my favorite thing ever. ♥


Please keep writing this, and dress (and undress) Castiel accordingly.

Dean and Cas should totally bunk. ♥

Hee! I love geekily dressed boys, too. And I figure Cas has got a nice balance between being nicely put-together and absent-mindedly disheveled, which I also love.

omg, Dean and Cas bunking! That has put some...interesting ideas in my head. ;)

I'm thrilled you liked it!

God, I love college!AUs and this is no exception.
Your porn is always so hot and I think I'll just be over here. In my bunk.

I love a good college!AU myself. I guess this was just a matter of time?

Oh, thank you so much! :D

That image of Cas in khakis and a sweater vest is too cute - lucky Dean, that this Cas is such a lady in the street but a freak in the bed :D

Adorable AU and very very hot.

That's the image that olivelavonne texted me. Along with some (very heavy) hints about what should happen to Cas' khakis and sweater vest. ;)

Cas is such a lady in the street but a freak in the bed

That is going to amuse me for far longer than it probably should. LOL. I can imagine Dean spending a day after the first time in something like shock, trying to reconcile his buttoned-up, studious, nice-guy roommate with the guy who did...those things to him...with his tongue...and the fingers and...yeah.

I'm so glad you liked it!

Oh, wow, very hot! *fans self* This is some truly excellent porn.

Thank you for sharing!

\o/ Thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked it! :D

*whistles in appreciation* damn that’s some hot writing, as always ;D

I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you! :D

Yay! Moar college AU! This is awesome.

Woo! I'm so glad you think so! It's certainly fun to write. :D

ffffff. That was amazingly hot.

\o/ I'm glad you thought so! Thanks!

Your porn is win, ditto this AU.

Dean's been trying to keep things a little bit cleaner, ever since he tripped over...something...trying to get to Cas' naked skin.

Priorities get in order promptly given the right motivation, don't they, Dean?

Oh, thank you! I have a bit of a fondness for college AUs, so it was fun to try one myself.

Priorities get in order promptly given the right motivation, don't they, Dean?

Haha, I can almost see Cas using this to his advantage. "If you want me on my knees, Dean, I would like it if you'd vacuum first."

Mmmmm. I LOVE this AU. Dean as corrupter, Cas as geek!boy with heart of porn. LOVE.

Oh, I'm so glad you like the AU! I really enjoyed writing both fics. I just can't resist a geeky Cas and a corrupting Dean. :D

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